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  • Form fitting memory foam (blue)

High impact density foam (red)
  • Vision Pro available in Black, Navy, Royal, Scarlet (Red), Purple, Orange, and Green.  The face guard matches helmet color.
  • Blackout Technology
Eliminates 100% of the glare coming off the face guard
Color: Black
  • Light Weight And Cool - Meets all NOCSAE standards for softball.
Color: Scarlet (Red)
  • Guaranteed. The best helmet or we'll buy it back.
Buy, try, and decide - "Love it or return it" policy 
When you purchase a RIP-IT softball helmet from the RIP-IT store or any authorized retailer, we offer free returns and free return shipping¹ within 30 days of purchase.

RIP-IT Vision Pro Batting Helmets

5.00 LBS
$18.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

    Rip-It Softball Helmet


    Limited sizes and colors available. New Stock shipment due mid April.

    Vision. When you need a hit.

    All in one.

    When we started designing the RIP-IT Vision softball helmet, we were surprised to see just how few options players had. All of the helmet/face guard combos were big, bulky, and awkward. Yes they all met the NOCSAE performance standard, but they didn't really make you a better player. The problem seemed to be that none of the softball batting helmets were designed with softball players in mind.

    When we set out to design the RIP-IT line of softball helmets, we targeted the number one trait players and parents wanted in a batting helmet, which was for it to fit just right. We also went after what batting coaches said was most important, seeing the ball. The result is the best vision of all fastpitch softball helmets. As if that wasn't enough, we honed in on what young players wanted most, which was a lightweight softball helmet design.

    Best fit, best vision, lightweight. It's what makes the RIP-IT Vision helmets the best softball batting helmets ever engineered and the first that players, coaches, and parents all agree is simply amazing.

    Fit. Designed for you.


    We found through research that designing the protective padding of softball batting helmets is really easy. However, designing comfortable protective padding requires some real ingenuity. The challenge we faced was "one size fits all" necessarily isn't "one size fits great". To solve this we engineered a dual density foam that makes the Vision the best fitting softball helmet ever.

    The inner layer is made of high impact density foam. This high impact density foam creates a protective barrier so great; Vision actually exceeds NOCSAE certification standards. The outer layer is made of a form fitting memory foam that literally creates the best fit ever achieved in a softball helmet. The result is a helmet that is ultra-comfortable and also very secure. It solves the problem many players experience, the helmet moving around while running.

    Design. Built for hitters.

    Lightweight and cool.

    We live in a age where everything is getting smaller and lighter. Why should softball batting helmets be designed any different? To build the RIP-IT Vision, we used the most advanced materials available to build a softball helmet. This allowed us to build the lightest softball helmets possible and includes almost as many air-vents as there are hours in a day. As a result, the Vision softball helmets not only feel ultra-light on your head, but they also help you stay cool and dry out on the field.

    Blackout Technology.

    Softball helmets with face masks can reflect the sunlight and add a distracting glare to hitters. Vision softball helmets are designed to eliminate that problem with the use of Blackout Technology. Blackout Technology is like eye black for your equipment but better and it is exclusive to the RIP-IT brand of helmets and face guards. It eliminates 100% of the glare coming off the face guard and helps you focus on the ball so you can hit like never before.

    Buy, try, and decide.

    Like all of our RIP-IT products, our softball helmets come with our exclusive "Love it or return it" policy. This means that when you purchase a RIP-IT softball helmet from the RIP-IT store or any authorized retailer, we offer free returns and free return shipping¹ within 30 days of purchase. This is our way of showing players the amazing performance of our bats so they can then compare them to other helmets they may have used in the past. We think our helmets are the best, and so will you after you purchase one today.

    Love it or return it

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